Rail Systems - Signalling - Safety

Railway System & Industry – Railways: from A to Z

5 dRailways – From A to Z English

  • Learn about rail industry around the world.
  • Fully understand - from a technical point of view - how each rail subsystem works: Rolling Stock, Infrastructure, Electrification, Signalling, Operations and Maintenance.
  • Understand interactions between subsystems.
  • Master technical terms for all subsystems.
Signalling-Urban transport-Metro-Tramway-CBTC training

2 dCBTC – Communication-based train control English

  • Master the functional features of systems under operation with CBTC technologies.
  • Understand the technical aspects of CBTC implementation.
  • Become familiar and knowledgeable in safety/security issues related to CBTC.

2 dERTMS / ETCS English

  • Understand the general principles and operation of the command-control ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) / ETCS (European Train Control System).
Public transport safety-Principles-Standards-signalling-critical software

2 dSafety of railway and guided transport systems English

  • Understand the risks related to railway and guided transport and the requirements to mitigate them efficiently.
  • Master processes of engineering Safety Critical Systems - from the mitigation objectives to the building of the safety case – that are required to operate a rail transport system.
  • Content can be adapted to the audience, focusing either on rapid transit or railways.

2 dRAMS – Dependability English

  • Understand and be able to use the most important RAMS techniques and tools – especially in terms of risk analysis.
  • Build a safety demonstration in order to design the safety case and obtain the Commissioning approval.
  • Be able to take into account RAMS requirements in a changing regulatory framework.